So, you’ve booked me to photograph your day (Thank you!) but what happens next? I’ve put together this handy little section to give you some idea.

I know when I got engaged I heard a lot of…

“Oh you’ll have the best day ever, you know EVERYTHING!”

“Surely planning is going to be so easy for you guys because of your wedding knowledge”

“Why are you stressed? You must know all this like the back of your hand”

Well to be honest, at the beginning of wedding planning I thought the same as all my friends and family. I’d been to 100+ weddings, OF COURSE I’d know what to do.

Turns out…nope! As a photographer I’m one of the first suppliers booked and then I have very little to do with the planning of people’s weddings until I arrive on the day and get stuck in. There’s a whole middle bit that I knew nothing about!

That got me thinking, if I find this planning thing a bit of a minefield then what must you guys, who don’t work in the wedding industry, think? So I put together this little guide to help you out!

You may know some of this already, some of it may not be applicable to your day and some of it (hopefully a lot of it) might be really helpful.

I’ve roughly divided this guide up into sections of the day but as all wedding days are different (as they should be) totally ignore any that don’t apply to your day.

For now though let’s start with what happens once you’re all booked in with me.

Once I’ve got your contract, booking form and booking fee back then you’re officially booked in and the date is all yours. Eekk! Thank you so much!

It’s then a bit of a strange time as it can feel like ages between you booking me and me then turning up to photograph your wedding day. Feel free to follow me on instagram – you can find me at hannahdm for the selfies, gin and cat pictures, or hdmtravels for the wedding stuff – make friends on Facebook or, for the more retro minded I’m on Twitter too. Feel free to give me a shout with any questions you have, for recommendations of suppliers or just to keep me updated with all your plans.

Around 4 weeks before your wedding I’ll be in touch with my details form. This is the place for all the info about your wedding (so don’t worry if things have changed slightly since you sent me your booking form). There’s space on there for timings, addresses and locations as well as other bits like your suppliers, group shots etc. That’s also the time I’ll send you the remainder for your final balance which is due 4 weeks before your wedding date. This can be paid by bank transfer.

When I send you over your details form we can also arrange a time for a catch up chat if you like. This can be over a coffee (or something stronger if you need it!) or the phone or Skype. Then it’s not long til the big day!