Bride and groom at Skipbridge Country weddings

Meet Helen and Stephen, two bloody lovely humans who took over Skipbridge Country Weddings for a day of games, fun, boats and a touch and go outdoor ceremony. 

This was the first time I had photographed a wedding at Skipbridge Country Weddings and I’m determined it won’t be my last. What a place! A large marquee was set out on the lawn, when I arrived Stephen and his team of groomsmen were sorting out the lawn games (and having the odd sneaky practice too!) before heading over to their cottage to get ready. 

I joined the girls in their cottage, handily next door to the boys, where Helen was getting ready and being fed lots of delicious buffet by her mum and bridesmaids. Top tip for all brides – have a wedding squad who will make sure you eat before the ceremony. You may not want to but nobody wants to be the bride who fainted from hunger, am I right?! 

Two photographers? Do you need them…

I’m planning a blog post all about the advantages and disadvantages of booking two photographers for your day but I’ll touch slightly on it here. Helen and Stephen were getting ready very close to each other (just next door in fact) so when they asked me my thoughts on them booking my two photographer package I advised against it. I knew I could easily flit between them both in the morning and capture all the antics. Plus it meant that I was far less obtrusive on the day as it was just little old me darting around with a camera! 

As I joined the boys in their cottage the weather took a turn and started raining. It started raining a lot! Cue everyone frantically checking the weather forecast and trying to decide if they needed to rearrange the plans for the outdoor ceremony. Now, shooting hundreds of weddings has taught me one thing, don’t ever make hasty decisions because of weather. And I was right. The downpour blew over and Helen and Stephen got the beautiful ceremony that they had planned. 

Weddings at Skipbridge Country weddings

After walking out of the ceremony as Mr and Mrs, Stephen and Helen were bombarded with litres upon litres of confetti. As I always say if you think you’ve got enough confetti then get some more! They’d definitely taken that advice to heart! 

That marked the beginning of the party. From raucous games of darts and hoops to Mr and Mrs and the ‘doughnut game’…I have no idea of it’s official title but now I want every wedding to feature it…it was a fun filled day. I love the raffle prizes that were given out post speeches and a massive shout out to ?? for keeping everyone entertained with his fantastic acoustic sets. I’ve never seen a dancefloor fill up so fast and so furiously before the first dance had taken place! 

Helen and Stephen, you utter legends! What a wedding! I loved every second!