“Hannah, I am just dying. We’ve watched the slideshow 3 times already and I just go from laughing to crying and back again. They are absolutely amazing, I just love them so much. They’re absolutely gorgeous, we can’t thank you enough. Definitely the best wedding album I’ve ever seen. I just can’t say enough how much we love them.”

I first met Jane and Steve at Bonnie and Pete’s rather amazing Darwin Lake wedding. Fast forward to this spring and we met up to talk about their own wedding plans. Jane was pregnant and, little did I know, I was pregnant as well. So on the wedding day there was a fair few bumps around! 

However, rewinding to that first meeting, we chatted a lot, we laughed even more and I knew I desparately wanted to be a part of their wedding at Victoria Warehouse. Luckily they felt the same and booked me. Phew! 

Weddings at Victoria Warehouse

Victoria Warehouse describe themselves as ‘an event space like no other’ and it really is. There are loads of hidden spaces, urban backgrounds and rusted walls to make the most of as well as the canal just round the corner. 

With five different spaces to get married in there’s no shortage of choice for couples. Jane and Steve opted for The Bays, filled with industrial pillars and old brick walls it’s a throw back in time to Manchester’s cotton industry. Built in the 1930s to store cotton stock they were also used by Kelloggs, McVities and Cadburys! 

Documentary wedding photography at Victoria Warehouse

I started the day at Jane and Steve’s house where Jane was getting ready along with her family and bridesmaids. There was heaps of laughter, and a few tears when Jane opened her presents from Steve. I think there was a point when everyone forgot they were getting ready for a wedding and were just enjoying the morning! 

Over at Victoria Warehouse Steve and his best man were chatting away to guests as they nervously waited for Jane to arrive and the celebrations to start. Luckily she didn’t leave him waiting too long and soon walked down the aisle with a huge beam on her face! 

Fairy lights illuminated the ceremony, creating an intimate feel in the large warehouse and then Jane and Steve walked out into a sea of hugs and well wishes before everyone headed out to make the most of the sunshine and enjoy some ice cream from the fab Ginger’s Comfort Emporium. 

The rest of the day passed by in a whirlwind of canal strolls, hilarious speeches (love that Steve presented Jane with her official ‘butchers’ hat!) and talented friends playing music before Adam Carr took to the decks and everyone piled onto the dancefloor. 

There were so many favourites to choose from but I’ve done my best. Hit play on the slideshow or enjoy a scroll through Jane and Steve’s day. 

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