Chinese tea ceremonies, donkeys, alpacas, two wedding dresses and a ceildh. Lauren and Danny had gone all out for their day and it was MEGA! 

Hold on, let me correct that, these aren’t just any old donkeys and alpacas. This is a donkey in a flat cap and alpacas wearing bow ties. All dressed up for a wedding do! 

Weddings at the Wellbeing Farm

The ceremony room had been decked out in colourful origami, bright flowers and ribbons. Lauren and Danny had told me they wanted their day to be all about fun and they’d gone to town with that. They’d chosen the Wellbeing Farm as it is super quirky and they knew it would be a really relaxed day. Plus, you know, alpacas, donkeys and llamas.  

Following their civil ceremony everyone braved the rain (these guests were absolute troopers) for some confetti before heading inside for some booze to warm themselves up. As soon as the rain stopped and the sun peeked out from behind the clouds we heard the sound of hooves clip clopping up the driveway and two donkeys, flat caps perched on top of their heads, made an entrance. Absolutely stealing the show but I know Lauren and Danny didn’t mind that one bit! 

Wellbeing Farm wedding portraits

Thank god I lean more to the documentary side of wedding photography and every couple that books me tells me they hate posing for photos. I mean, have you ever tried getting donkeys to stand still for a picture? Or llamas? Because let me tell you, it’s hard work. Especially when they’re determined to eat the veil, the bouquet, a pocket square…

Luckily all of their antics just made Lauren and Danny cry with laughter so we got some cracking photos. 

Chinese wedding tea ceremony

Before their meal Danny and Lauren hosted a tea ceremony for their families. This is a really meaningful ceremony in Chinese weddings. It shows respect for both families and symbolises the love and best wishes that the family want to send to the couple. Far from being a very serious, solemn event it was lovely and relaxed with a lot of laughter on both sides as everyone was guided through the ceremony. 

One of the things I love about weddings is seeing all the different cultures that couples embrace on their day. To throw something else into the mix Lauren and Danny ended their day with a ceildh. Everyone hit the dancefloor and there was a lot of laughter, fumbled steps and energetic dancing as the whole wedding got involved! 

Are you planning a wedding at the Wellbeing Farm? If so, and you’re on the hunt for a wedding photographer, then I would love to chat to you.