Buckle up guys, I’ve got a corker of a wedding on the blog for you today. Meet Alex and Phil. These two gorgeous people have the most infectious smiles and are one of the funniest couples I’ve ever met. Their day was packed full of fun from start to finish and I don’t think I stopped smiling once – even my camera couldn’t hide my massive grin! 

Alex and Phil had basically planned a festival in Phil’s parent’s garden, with a short ceremony at Chester Town Hall to kick off the party. 

Once the ceremony was over (it was short, these two knew they didn’t want to hang around and prolonge any formalities while they could be partying) we all headed back to Alex&Phil Fest. That’s not the official title by the way, I just made it up. 

Anyway, once Alex, Phil and monkey made their way from their VW camper into the marquee through a sea of colourful confetti the celebrations began in earnest. The bar opened, providing people will Phil’s homebrew, the bouncy castle was taken over by some overgrown kids – otherwise known as grown ups – and the lawn game competitions began. I still don’t know who won, I don’t think anyone does, but there was a lot of heckling, a bit of good natured bending of the rules and even more laughter. 

To sum it up Alex and Phil know how to do a wedding right. Copious amounts of booze? Check! Great music? Check! Packing it full of people who they love the most and who know how to get a party started? CHECK! It was epic! I can waffle on all day about it but my words won’t do this day justice. Instead I’ve managed (it was tough!) to whittle down their gallery to a few favourites which you can scroll through below. Enjoy! 

Bride getting her makeup done