Ask me anything!

If your first question is “would you like a brew?” then my answer is always yes!

You’ve had a good look around my site, checked out the gallery and some recent weddings so if my photos make you smile and you think you want me to come hang out with you at your wedding then brilliant, thank you! As an added bonus I’ve put together some of the questions I get asked the most to give you a bit more of an idea about how this wedding photography thing works.

I think I’ve covered most things but if there’s anything I’ve missed then just shout!


We hate having our photos taken/only look good in selfies - help!

I like to think I’m the wedding photographer for people who hate getting their photos taken! Everyone finds having their photos taken awkward and the reality is no where near as bad as you imagine, I promise. You’ll be so busy enjoying yourselves on your day that you won’t even think about it. Plus the more you enjoy your day the more I get to take photos of you smiling, laughing and having a brilliant time. Win win!

We live miles away from you. Do you travel?

Heck yes! I travel all over the UK to shoot weddings – with all this modern technology like Skype and FaceTime we can still chat before your day. All travel and accommodation costs are included in my prices. 

Do you shoot family group shots?

Ahh the all important line ups. Of course! It’s best to stick to around 6 different groupings (this can take around 20 minutes). It would also be really handy if if I can borrow a best man/bridesmaid/relatively sober, responsible person at this point as well to gather up the people you want in the photos.

Around a month before your wedding I send you out a ‘day in detail’ form which details timings/addresses for the day. There is also space on there for your requested group photographs.

Head on over to my documentary wedding photography page to find out a bit more about how this part of the day works.

Do you have a second photographer or assistant with you?

Generally no. I’m not against having someone with me at all – and there are times I’ll probably advise it. Especially if you want morning preparation shots of you both or you have a huge family and shedloads of friends.

Nine times out of ten though I shoot alone. It’s more difficult to get those natural, storytelling shots of your day when they’re aware there are two photographers capturing the action! If you want morning prep photos of both of you but are not keen on a second photographer let me know and I’m sure we can figure out a way to make it happen.

Would you like feeding on the day?

I will never say no to food! It’s a long day, often far from anywhere to get food myself so a hot meal never gets turned down. Plus I never take photos while you guys are eating – no one wants those pictures!

Please don’t feel that you have to seat me with your guests and feed me the full three courses though. I’m more than happy to tuck myself away, start backing up the images I’ve taken so far and eat a bar meal or main course.

If you can’t feed me though please don’t worry. Just let me know before the day and I can provide my own food if needed or find somewhere nearby to sneak off to while you’re eating your dinner.

Can we print our photographs?

Make sure you do! They’re yours to print, share on social media, do whatever you like with. Just don’t go selling them to magazines or using them for advertising without letting me know first.

Are you insured?

I am indeed. I’ve got public liability and indemnity insurance. I’m also more than happy to send any insurance certificates over to your venue if they ask to see them. 

Eeek, what happens if your camera breaks?!

Don’t you worry about that! I’ve got two cameras that I shoot with, plus a bag full of extra back up kit just in case. We all know how temperamental technology can be… I’ve got backup cameras, lenses, flash and more batteries and memory cards than you can shake a stick at. I’ve had a camera malfunction at a wedding before and the couple had no idea, I simply picked up my second camera and carried on shooting.

Just to give you more fun backing up facts I also back up your images to at least two different places before I even leave your wedding and then I back them up yet again when I get home. Then I sleep.

What if it rains? Or snows? Or is just generally grim weather?

My top wedding tip of the day – only worry about the things you can control. Much as I wish I could, I can’t control the weather so I’ve realised there’s no point fretting about it. As long as you two enjoy yourselves then there will be plenty of amazing moments for me to capture.

Be prepared though, bring wellies and brollies with you. That way we can still head out to get some awesome photos without panicking about hair/dresses/shoes getting wet.

When do we receive our photographs?

It takes me up to 10 weeks to edit your full gallery and upload it. I don’t want to rush this bit as I want your photos to be perfect for you both to look back on and relive your day!

This all sounds ruddy marvellous! Now, will we have to remortgage to afford you?

Haha, I hope not, that sounds like a lot of paperwork! My prices start from £1200. First things first, get in touch, tell me about your day (and your wedding date most importantly) and see if I’m available. I only take on a limited number of weddings each year so it’s always best to get booked in as soon as you make your decision.

If you’re both happy to go ahead I’ll then require a signed contract and a £400 deposit to hold your date. Unfortunately I can’t hold dates without either of these and it is first come first served.

Then you’re all booked in, it’s as easy as that!