The title above sums it up – I take photos of people. People laughing, crying, hugging, messing about, dancing like loons…basically people having a bloody marvellous time at your wedding!

There’s a few things you should know about me and my style of photography before you get in touch.

If you love to laugh then we’re already going to be good friends

The very best photos are the ones where you’re lost in the moment and you’re laughing your heads off together. Who wants wedding photos where you look miserable?! No one I know! I love belly laughs, massive grins, screams of delight and tears of joy. If you do as well then grab yourself a brew and carry on scrolling!

I’m all about the “everyday” rather than the “epic”

Sounds odd, but hear me out. I’m not here to drag you up a mountain or spend three hours on the edge of a lake to get that one good photo that will look good in my portfolio. I’m at your wedding for you. Whether that’s in a pub, a village hall, a gorgeous stately home or your own back garden. I don’t care. I want to photograph your favourite people, hanging out with you, celebrating your wedding.

It’s going to be FUN

Don’t worry, I’m not expecting you to be whacky or zany. Fun comes in all shapes and sizes and as long as your wedding is all about you two and whatever makes you happy then it’s going to be ruddy amazing. I promise!

No cheese (unless it’s on a board)

Sound good? I’m not going to steal a load of photo ideas from Pinterest. I’m not working from a list of ‘standard’ wedding photos. There’s no such thing! Your day is utterly unique to you. It’s never hapened before and it never will again. So let loose, be yourselves and I’ll dart around like some kind of camera wielding ninja capturing that and more.

“But we are rubbish at having our photos taken!”

Hey, I am as well! In fact, every single couple on this website said the exact same thing to me and they all look pretty hot right?! You’re not models, you don’t get photos taken every day and that’s ok. I’m not expecting you to pull out your best poses. I’m here to gently (and with a dash of humour) guide you into some very natural, very relaxed ‘poses’ and then I leave you alone to take the piss out of each other/get a little romantic/chat away like you’ve not seen each other for hours – whatever works for you guys – while I snap away and get you some beautiful photos from your wedding day.

Want to see more? Then head on over to my blog and check out some recent weddings I’ve been a part of. If everything I’ve written sounds like your cup of tea then give me a shout and we’ll have a chat.