I’ve got an absolute corker of a wedding to share with you today. Shee and Jean’s homage to Glastonbury. A mega festival wedding that is full of colour and packed with a heck of a lot of fun. There is SO much to see in this blog and I found it super hard to whittle it down to a few favourites. These guys went to town and made their day a personal, family centred celebration with friends taking centre stage and a huge emphasis in celebrating their love, their life and everything that means the world to them. 

Ashton Memorial wedding

Perched high above Lancaster is the stunning Ashton Memorial, on a sunny day there are amazing views across Lancashire and up towards the Lake District and it’s no surprise that Shee and Jean, who are so proud of their home county, chose to get married here. 

Cartford Inn wedding celebrations

Jean’s parents run the acclaimed gastro pub, the Cartford Inn. I’m just going to pause in my wedding raves to say, if you’ve not visited here before then go! Great food, a warm welcome and fab ales, what more could you ask for?! 

The Inn looked incredible. These guys had gone all out and it was amazing. Marquees, balloons, streamers, elephants and giraffes (really!), the fab Birdie Camper Van, beers, Notrianni’s Ice Cream (if you know Blackpool then you know!), firepits, flags, music…I could go on for days about all the little touches. Shee and Jean really had brought their own Glastonbury to a corner of Lancashire. 

DIY, festival wedding photography

I just can’t get over how awesome Shee and Jean’s day was. Honestly, they took the concept of ‘your day, your way’ and just ran with it. If you’re looking for a documentary wedding photographer to capture the happiness, laughter and sheer fun of your day then carry on scrolling for some of my favourites from the day.  If that style of photography is what you’re after give me a shout, I’d love to be part of your day. 

Last, but no means least, I need to do a massive shout out to my partner in crime on this wedding, the fab Lucy Napier. There was SO much going on I needed an extra pair of hands and eyes and boy did she deliver!