I’m pretty willing to bet that in your hunt for a wedding photographer you’ve come across a whole load of descriptive words that probably don’t make much sense to anyone who’s not in the industry. I felt the same when we were hunting for some of our wedding suppliers.

My top tip? Ignore all those words – fine art, contemporary, reportage, traditional – and look at the photos.

Do you love them? Can you imagine looking back at your day and seeing all your loved ones having a right good laugh, dancing the night away and throwing their arms around you in delight?

If you can then relax, you’re in the right place!

By the way, if you’re all about the words and would prefer a description of my photography then I’ve quizzed some past couples and we’ve come up with the ultra catchy…

“awesomely-energetic-bubbly-funny-informal-made us cry in a good way-storytelling photography”


Most importantly though what does this mean for you guys and me being part of your wedding?

Imagine an extra guest with a camera, someone chatting away to your mum in the morning, helping you sort your dress/keep you calm/make cups of tea. All while bobbing around taking photos (with a massive smile on her face). Well, that’s me.

Then I head over to the ceremony, start taking photos there, carry on chatting away with your guests, put people at ease…that kind of thing. The rest of the day carries on just like that. Think of it this way – I’m there to tell the story of your day in photos from within your wedding. Not as an outsider.


If I had a pound for every couple who told me how unphotogenic/Chandler-like they are then I wouldn’t need to work for a living! In fact, every single couple on this website has said that to me at least once and they look ruddy gorgeous!

So, in short, don’t worry about this part of the day. We’ll take some time out for you guys to catch up with each other, have a break from all the enthusiastic hugging and congratulations. As we chat away I’ll get some relaxed photos of you both together.

The emphasis is on the word ‘relaxed’. As long as you two can giggle together and have the odd kiss then you’ll be absolutely fine. I promise!


I know, I know. I’ve just been banging on about how I’m a nice, relaxed, storytelling photographer but let’s face it, parents like family photos and in a couple of decades, when you look back and giggle at the hairstyles and fashions of the 2000s, you’ll be glad you had them done.

Like the rest of the day though I keep this bit nice and informal. I’m not going to bellow at your guests to come and line up in rigid rows.

Before the day we’ll work out which group shots you would like (I recommend around 6) then on the day I’ll get a best man/usher/friend/ultra helpful person to help me out and we’ll rattle through those shots in no time. Once they’re all done you can get back to enjoying your day and I can get back to photographing you and your mates enjoying themselves.