“I cannot recommend Hannah enough. Her work speaks for itself but she is also a lovely person. I think with some wedding photographers I was looking at, I got the feeling they’d just be wishing they were shooting at a five star Tuscan venue, but Hannah exudes this lovely non-judgmental calmness. Neither was she fazed by any faffing before group shots or slight changes to our schedule. She was nothing short of a professional and I actually kind of wanted to sit and just have a chill and a cup of tea with her on the day, such was her lovely presence.”

Meet Kate and James, two of the loveliest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of spending time with. 

Now, I’m a huge fan of village hall weddings. Give me a blank space and a couple hellbent on making their day their own and I’m a very happy photographer. From the moment they started planning their wedding Katie and James knew that a formal affair with hundreds of guests wasn’t for them. They wanted a day that reflected who they are as a couple and involved their very favourite people. 

DIY wedding

James and Katie’s goal was a laid back wedding, in the sunshine, with great food. These two are a couple after my own heart! They wanted to feel comfortable, not be on ‘show’ and to ensure that their guests had a great time. They ticked every single box! 

Dunham Massey is a gorgeous village in Cheshire, that handily lies in between both families. As soon as they set eyes on it they knew that it was the one for them. The hall itself is beautifully rustic, with wooden floors and red brick walls. Katie decided to make use of some lovely vintage jugs she already owned and their colour palette of soft pinks, greens, blues and yellows was born. This talented lady designed all the wedding signs herself, including their hand illustrated invitations and set out to collect cake stands for dessert. 

Weddings at Dunham Massey village hall

As we were in the midst of a heat wave Katie and James were quietly confident that the sun would be shining on their day. However, in a bid to not jinx anything they set up a small marquee in the grounds for drinks and nibbles. It also doubled as a handy shaded spot! 

I absolutely loved being part of James and Katie’s day, they really did surround themselves with the nicest people and I felt like a guest who just happened to be there with a camera. Thank you both for making me feel so welcome and being so darn lovely that my job was a doddle! 

If you’re in the midst of planning your own Dunham Massey village hall wedding then I would love to hear from you