You did it! Congratulations!

After your wedding it’s time for you guys to relax, spend a lot of time talking about the day and how much fun you had. You’ll also get congratulated by everyone you know and every time you go out for a drink or meal with friends it will turn into a celebration. It’s very like when you first got engaged. Enjoy every minute!

While you’re getting drinks bought for you and / or relaxing on holiday somewhere I’ll be beavering away getting your photos ready. Around 10 weeks after your wedding day I’ll send you over a password protected link to your online gallery. You’ll have access to all your photos from here. You can share the link with all your guests, download your pictures and, if you wish to, order prints.

When you first log in I’d highly recommend downloading your entire gallery and backing it up a few times – whether thats to ‘the cloud’, onto hard drives or good old fashioned DVDs  – so you’ve got copies you can keep safe. Who knows where technology will go in the future?!

If you want an album then this is the time to think about ordering it. With your gallery I also send a guide packed with information about the albums. You can order one straight away or, as some people do, wait and get one in time for their first anniversary (it’s a ‘paper’ anniversary).