Ahh speeches. Such a fab part of the day for photos – there’s so much emotion!

If you want to go traditional then the regular order of speeches is father of the bride, groom and then best man. However, as I’ve reiterated a lot throughout my website, if you don’t want to stick with tradition then don’t! I’ve seen grandparents, mums, sisters, bridesmaids and brides give speeches. A favourite was when instead of speeches the bride and groom had a quiz. Each round led by a different family member or friend and was made up of questions about the couple. It led to a lot of laughter and a lot of fab stories came to light!

A question I get asked a lot is would I recommend speeches before or after your meal. There are pros for both so it comes down to how you feel. Before the meal means that those people giving the speech can get it ‘out of the way’ and then enjoy their meal without worrying about it. However after means people aren’t hungry and may have had a bit more to drink which could make for more laughter/heckling. To be honest though it makes very little difference so you’re best going with how you both feel.