This is the first in a new series of wedding guide posts I’m putting together, kicking off with morning preparations!

On my own wedding I loved this part of the day. Don’t worry at all about tradition, if you want to spend the night before the wedding together then do it! Your partner is the only person who will be awake with you at 3am and will understand your nerves.

If you decide not to spend the night together then make sure you have a friend or family member with you to help you with any last minute nerves or worries and to be there when you wake up in the morning. The night before your wedding is the same feeling you have on Christmas Eve as a child, you’re too excited to sleep and you’re counting down the hours till morning comes!

Make sure you’ve got music for the morning. Make a playlist of tunes you love and that will put you in a good mood (Adele’s early stuff isn’t the greatest idea for the the morning of your wedding!)

If you’re having hair and makeup then they’ll probably have spoken to you about the best timings for getting ready and where they want you to sit to do makeup/hair. Natural light is always best so if you’ve got a room with a nice window then that’s where they’ll want to be.

If you’ve booked full day photography coverage I’ll arrive with you around 2 hours before the ceremony. Don’t worry at this point about posing for anything, just carry on with what you’re up to and, in the nicest possible way, try to ignore me. Although, I’ll never say no to a brew at this point!

Photo tip – It’s worth making sure that anything you don’t want in the photos is hidden away or binned (those neon pink Spanx boxes have a habit of creeping into the background of photos!)