That’s Loch Ness, right there. Taken from the middle of the loch as I was canoeing across it one August morning. An absolute dream moment.

It was the last day of our almost 100km canoe trek across Scotland. Fort William to Inverness in 3 days to raise money for Raleigh International.

This year I’ve worked with Raleigh, photographing their projects in Tanzania and India. I’ve had the time of my life with them, meeting some amazing people, some friends for life and seeing the brilliant work they do with young people. A group of us decided to raise money to help fund their Home Country Volunteers in Tanzania (you can find out more on the Raleigh website or our justgiving page).

It was fun, wet, tiring and at one point a little scary (crossing Loch Ness, in the wind and rain, realising just how much water is underneath us…). We raised over and above our target and I can’t thank everyone enough who supported us.