Sandburn Hall wedding photography

So, last year I ran a ‘win your wedding photography’ competition with Rock My Wedding. I had so many amazing entries and I loved reading about everyone’s plans. I was also lucky enough to end up photographing a lot of weddings of the non winning entrants too so I don’t feel like I missed out on too many brilliant days. However, these guys were the name that got pulled out of Mr K’s flat cap (yep, he’s Northern and has reached that age where he loves a flat cap!) and I had a brilliant time being a part of their day. I don’t think I could’ve been made to feel any more welcome by Emma, Dale and their friends and family. Thanks so much everyone!

I’m going to hand over to Emma to tell us all about her and Dale…

Dale and I went to Newcastle university together (nearly ten years ago). Whilst we were friends, We did not start dating until 3 years ago.  Dale jokes that he is a long game kinda guy.

We have a quiet, non drama, laughter filled (and forgive the cheese but) wonderful life together. 

Dale teaches year 6 at primary school and loves it. I am super proud of how hard he works and all he has achieved. He dresses as superman, makes amazing (Spielberg worthy) assemblies, gets great results and is incredibly positive. Getting home to Dale after a long day at work is the best and something I am grateful for every day.

We both really want to see Italy together (New York is another big must for us.) We are excited to get married, travel and have lots more exciting adventures.

We have wonderful friends and fantastic family and count ourselves very lucky.

(Last bit of cheese I promise) ..Dale is undoubtedly the most thoughtful, loving and hilarious person I have ever met. I know I am biased but I think we are a great team, we support one another, enjoy lots of similar things and bring out the best in each other. Being with him just makes everything all that easier and more enjoyable.”

I was lucky enough to see them together on their wedding day and they really are the best team. They spent the whole day laughing, comforting the other when they got emotional and having so much fun.

These are some of my favourites from their day at Sandburn Hall.