Music, music, music…

It’s August, which means my working life pretty much consists of shooting weddings…and editing weddings. When you’re sat at a computer editing photographs you need either good tv programmes or great music to keep you company.

Having finished Spooks (bit behind with that one), series 1 of Homeland, with the Olympics over and 2 whole weeks until the Paralympics start I was in dire need of some new music. Luckily Karima Francis (who hails from my hometown of Blackpool) has just released her amazing debut The Remedy which I bought today. If you’ve not heard of her, or if you have and just haven’t got round to getting her album yet then stop what you’re doing, head over to iTunes and get it downloaded. She’s brilliant.

A few years ago I was lucky enough to photograph Karima when she played The Deaf Institute in Manchester.

I also got Paloma Faith’s new album – another singer who I photographed a few years back in Manchester.

In addition to all the album downloading I got Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) Remix that was part of the Closing Ceremony. Unfortunately I’ve not had chance to photograph Kate live (that could have something to do with the fact her last tour took place before I was born) so can’t put any pictures up.

BUT! If you’re into new, rather ace music then check out my good buddy Sam’s band, We Wanted To Be The Sky.

I’ve known Sam for years as he played in various bands I photographed in and around Manchester before he moved away to Hong Kong last year. He teamed up with the lovely Andy from sandbox (a, sadly no more, BRILLIANT band from Manchester) and together they put together We Wanted To Be The Sky. Check them out while I end this post on a few photos of Sam and Andy in their Manchester days…