“Mate! You are a photo ninja! Thank you so much! We absolutely love them. It was so much fun looking through them all and reminiscing. Such a great day and you’ve captured it brilliantly!”

Even after shooting over 100 weddings I still get nervous before each and every one. It’s almost like stage fright. As soon as I take the first photo the nerves disappear. Those nerves are only increased when the couple are good friends! I used to work with Tom out in Tanzania and had heard him talk about Dawn so much that I felt like I knew her before we met. These guys are two good eggs! Two gorgeous people both inside and out who met out in Costa Rica. Fell in love and got married.

DIY backyard wedding

Dawn had told me that the wedding would take place in the back garden of her childhood home but I had no idea how epic a garden it would be! I can only imagine the adventures that Dawn and her sister and brothers had here whilst growing up. There are so many hidden nooks and crannies. Wild areas and beautiful flowers. It’s a child’s (and wedding photographer’s!) dream.

Humanist ceremony

As Tom and Dawn had chosen to have their wedding ceremony outdoors they had a humanist ceremony. I’m a huge fan of these ceremonies (I had one at my own wedding) as they’re so personal. You can have as many readings as you choose, the vows can be as serious or as lighthearted as you wish and there is just a hugely relaxed feel to the whole ceremony. I loved the moment when Dawn’s Mum did a reading, there was definitely something in my eye at that point!

The whole day was super relaxed and informal. Just as Tom and Dawn had planned. Speeches are always one of my favourite points of the day. I love hearing the tales of how couples met and their lives together. These were so special. Dawn’s brothers ‘compered’ and told lots of stories of Dawn’s childhood before she stood up and said some words about Tom and her family and friends. Tom’s speech was as hilarious and emotional as expected and his best man gave a great speech with tales of the Stag Do and his friendship with Tom.

And then it was time for the dancing. Within minutes of Tom and Dawn’s first dance the floor was filled and didn’t empty all night. It was brilliant! What a party!

Tom and Dawn, shooting your day was an absolute honour. You guys are ace!