Imagine a giant house party with all your closest friends and family, a couple of weeks before Christmas…that pretty much sums up John and Jodie’s amazing winter wedding at Didsbury House!

Didsbury House Hotel is a lovely boutique hotel tucked away in Didsbury, South Manchester (and round the corner from where we all live in Chorlton). I first met Jodie a couple of years ago. We’d both recently moved to Manchester, joined a running club and got paired together as newbies. After a bit of chat we found out we were both from Blackpool and a friendship was born!

From here on it’s a bit of a love story. Jodie met John (at the aforementioned running club), they fell in love, John popped the question and the rest is history!

Winter wedding

It turned out to be a pretty perfect day for a winter wedding…bright and sunny with just enough blue sky! We also managed to dodge the rain in the afternoon too…phew! John and Jodie had timed it perfectly with their ceremony meaning we had enough light left to get some portraits of them both outside before heading back into the hotel to party (and warm up a bit!).

The day started out with Jodie and her girls (and crazily cute niece and nephew) at Didsbury House, I then headed downstairs to meet John in the bar before he made his way into the ceremony. After a nervewracking wait Jodie eventually arrived downstairs (just a few minutes late!) and the day properly began.

I’ve done something a little different with this post, click on the video below for the slideshow version (make sure your speakers are on and you hit the HD button) and I’ve also popped a few of my favourite photos below too…

Didsbury-House-wedding_0002 Didsbury-House-wedding_0003 Didsbury-House-wedding_0004 Didsbury-House-wedding_0005 Didsbury-House-wedding_0006 Didsbury-House-wedding_0007 Didsbury-House-wedding_0008 Didsbury-House-wedding_0009 Didsbury-House-wedding_0010 Didsbury-House-wedding_0011