Shoot and Hustle

Hi! And welcome to my website – I’m Hannah. I’ve got to admit, I never saw myself as a wedding photographer. I still don’t if I’m honest. I was that person crammed up at the front of a sweaty, dark gig venue. Getting elbowed or jumped on as I took photos of the band on stage. I was the person that headed to some far flung places, camera in hand, to tell the stories of people who live and work there. And I’m now the person who spends her weekends partying with lovely, happy, smiley couples and (pinch myself moment) I get paid for it. On the surface none of these things (music, travel, weddings) have anything in common except for me photographing them. Dig a little bit deeper though and it’s all about the people. That to me is what makes a wedding. Forget the venue, the details, the food (although that is a perk I’ll admit) give me people and let me photograph them. That’s what makes me happy.

So that’s what I’m going to talk about. Documenting people. Shooting a wedding day your way without worrying about the ‘tick list’ of shots that you’re told you must show in order to be taken seriously. How to find your style, how to attract the couples that want that and, most importantly, want YOU to be there with them. As well as people and photography I’m a big fan of words, of using them to get across what you do and what you can offer people so I’m going to be chatting about that too. I’m as much about putting off the wrong couples for me as I am about attracting the right couples.

What I love about Rachel from Rachel Joyce Photography – Anyone that can make SEO and business sound even vaguely exciting has my vote and Rachel can do that…and then some! One of the most down to earth people I know, she has a real no bullshit approach to business that I adore and is one of my go to ladies if I ever need advice. On top of all that her work is a perfect mix of beautiful portraiture and honest, emotional photography. She’s at the top of her game and you’re going to fill pages upon pages of notebooks when you’re learning from her.

What I love about Katie and James from Fairclough Photography – I’ve known these guys for a few years now and seeing them go from strength to strength has been brilliant! They’re two of the most creative photographers I know and their use of flash is second to none! Seriously, I’ve learnt so much just from quick chats to them about different lighting techniques that I know what they teach in this workshop is going to blow your minds!

Hi, I’m Rachel and Rachel Joyce Photography was born in 2013. 4 years and 150 + weddings later, my business goes from strength to strength. I’m all about the money. Well ok, not quite.  I love photographing weddings and working with clients who get me. But even more than that – I LOVE running a business – I LOVE being self employed. Being a starving artist was never going to be an option for me and it doesn’t have to be for any photographer.  I’m here to help bust the myth that creatives aren’t good business people. My geekery for all things Marketing, SEO and business knows no limits. I’m also a strong believer in finding your own path and your own perfect way of photographing a wedding or running a business. I hate it when people say their way is the only way – so you wont be getting any of that nonsense from me! I want to help you find the perfect path for you.

What I love about Katie and James from Fairclough Photography  – Katie and James are so flipping creative they make me green with envy. As well as being ridiculously talented photographers they are both absolutely lovely people (and much much too modest!). I’m so excited to be standing up next to them at the workshop and I’ll certainly be picking up some tips from them too.

What I love about Hannah from HDM Photography – Hannah has such a likeable, no-nonsense personality and completely no pretensions. I love this about her as a person but I LOVE that these qualities come through in her photography. Her images are real, colourful, vibrant with life and I feel like I’m right there up in someone’s wedding day when I look at her work. She manages to capture the essence of every wedding.

Hello! We’re Katie & James of Fairclough Photography – a husband and wife team formed in 2013. We’re not going to lie to you; our success isn’t born of natural creativity, or a flair for business, or any of the things we thought we had to have to ‘make it’. We’re just regular people who saw our ideal job one day, and risked everything to go for it all-out. We love shooting weddings, but we also know how easy it is to self-doubt and fall out of love with it when the going gets tough. We’ll tell you no-holds-barred about about our approach to continual reinvention, ruthless self-critique, and learning quickly from the hundreds of mistakes we’ve made along the way.

What we love about Hannah from HDM Photography – From the very start of our career in wedding photography, Hannah has always been someone we’ve looked up to. We always envied her ability to get into moments and make us feel the emotion in a wedding. She’s been a real part of, and inspiration for our own journey into meaningful documentary wedding photography, and to be in the same teaching  lineup as her is a real honour. Alongside this, she’s one of the most down-to-earth people we know; she keeps us grounded and her advice is always honest, and exactly what we need to hear.

What we love about Rachel from Rachel Joyce Photography – Sometimes what we need in times of stress, self doubt and worry, is an unequivocal dose of reality and pragmatism. That’s where Rachel comes in. We can always count on her to be brutally honest, give sound business-minded advice, and to pick the best spots for a pub lunch too. We’re seriously in awe of her SEO presence, and don’t know anyone else who has grown a business so successfully so quickly. Prepare to have your business revolutionised!