First dance! I’ll be honest, at our wedding this was the part of the day I was most nervous about and we spent ages choosing a song, then ditching the song because it was too fast/too slow/had dubious lyrics, then worrying about having to sway together while everyone watched. In reality it flies by. Ask your DJ or band to invite everyone else onto the dance floor at a certain point in your song – or if you’re just using a playlist then get some friends to join you when you give them the signal. That way the dance floor fills up and you can relax!

This part of the day can also be another chance to make it your own. Practice a dance if you fancy impressing everyone with your skills (loads of dance teachers do lessons specifically for first dances), or choose a song that really reflects you both and your relationship and just let loose on the dancefloor. Fast or slow it doesn’t matter at all.