Sorry for the super cheesy title…this is the part where I get to talk to you in a bit more detail about how I work on the day.

As you’ve booked me you know you want the majority of your day documented without any effort on your part. All you need to do is enjoy your day and laugh a lot. I reckon you can do that!

Around 6-8 weeks before your wedding I’ll be in touch with your final invoice and planning form. Whilst you can ignore me for the majority of the day and get on with enjoying yourselves and partying hard I need some details off you just to make sure I’m not pestering you on the day!

The form basically lets me know where you’re planning to get ready, what time you’re having your ceremony, meal etc so I know how much time I’ve got for group photographs, your portraits, getting between venues and all sorts of other things on the day.

I also have space on the form for your family group photographs. I recommend keeping these to about six – with the best will in the world rounding people up for photographs can take a while and it’s you two who are stood around waiting!

With pictures of the two of you I just have a few simple rules – try and relax, don’t look at the camera unless I ask you to and enjoy having some time together! We’ll just head off on a walk together, I’ll have scoped out a few locations earlier in the day, and I’ll capture you two giggling together. I’m not going to ask you to throw some crazy poses, I’ll just make sure you’re in the best light and get you to hug each other then I’ll snap away while you chat and laugh together. It’s all painless, I promise!

Photo tip – just enjoy yourselves and embrace this part of the day where you get some time out together. It is nerve wracking having your photo taken and I totally sympathise with that so I try and make it as enjoyable as I can for you both.