Much as I love the sunshine (and I really, really, love the sunshine) there’s something to be said for winter. I always find myself ‘taking stock’. Maybe it’s not a winter thing, maybe it’s a new year thing. Maybe it’s a birthday thing (I was a January baby). Whatever it is, as those dark evenings draw in I find myself in a much more contemplative mood. Especially when it comes to thinking about my business and my photography.

I’m rubbish at thinking a lot though – actually, ignore that, I’m far too good at thinking a lot – so, pre-empting my winter ponderings, I decided to enrol myself on some workshops. One took place last weekend when I headed down to Reading to take part in Kevin Mullins and Neale James’ Business workshop. As a photographer who has photographed a fair few weddings I like to think I can take a decent picture, however my business skills can always use some work so this seemed ideal. Then I got an email off them…on the final day of the workshop they’d be happy to critique some images for the attendees.

Now, I’m not going to lie. I’ve long admired Neale and Kevin and the thought of having these two world class photographers look at my work and give me their thoughts was more than a little daunting. I also realised that it was rare to get an opportunity like this so I decided to take them up on their offer, but what to show? Do I take my strongest images or the ones I consider to be the weakest so I could learn how to improve…In the end (after some of that aforementioned overthinking) I decided to set myself a little task. I’d look back through all the weddings I had shot and pick the photographs I wanted to define me as a photographer. The ones that if I just showed five images to a couple they’d know what I was all about and how I would capture their day.

These are those images.

This is me.


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