Bride and groom walk up the aisle after a wedding at Stockport Plaza

Meet Rosie and Laurie. Two good eggs who planned a rather wonderful laid back wedding in a real local gem, The Plaza Theatre, Stockport. 

This is a real jewel in Stockport’s crown. The art deco building overlooks a shopping centre and the contrast between the 1930s theatre and the modern town square is remarkable. As you step into the interior you are welcomed by an old fashioned ticket booth and beautiful oak panelled walls. The auditoriium itself is stunning, you are whisked back in time as you enter and, as the organist rises from beneath the stage, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d wandered into an episode of Peaky Blinders (rather fitting as scenes from that were filmed here earlier in the year)! 

The history of the Plaza is amazing and, since it opened in 1932, it has played host to anyone who is anyone in the world of theatre and entertainment. One of my favourite stories is that during World War II people flocked to the cinema, believing it was the safest place in Stockport as the Plaza was built into a cliff face! 

Laid back wedding photography

Rosie and Laurie were planning a really relaxed and chilled out day. They were keen to spend as much time as possible with their loved ones and hated the idea of posing for photos. They were definitely my kind of couple! I hate taking couples off for hours on end. It’s no fun for them and an unhappy or bored couple make for zero fun for me too. I aim for short portrait shoots, pack them full of laughter and the odd kiss and cuddle and then I get you back to the party. 

In Rosie and Laurie’s case we set off to explore the Plaza, ending up in the cinema projection room. Laurie’s favourite spot in the building! We had a quick look through the viewing window and saw all their guests enjoying a selection of silent movies and old news reels as they munched on popcorn. A unique way to keep everyone entertained during the wedding reception! 

I’ve also got to give a special mention to Ted, Theatre Manager and flipping amazing man! He looked after us so well as we wandered around taking pictures and he couldn’t do enough for Rosie and Laurie. From putting their names in lights outside Plaza to displaying their own theatrical posters and making sure Laurie’s nephews got involved in dispensing tickets he made everything so special for them. 

If you are planning your own 1920s style, party filled extravaganza then I can’t wait to hear all about your plans