I think Rebecca and Paul were one of my very first 2012 bookings, so it’s felt like ages since we all got to know each other – not a bad thing at all!

They got married at the beautiful St Gregory’s Church in Chorley. Paul is a primary school teacher and his class were there to sing for the couple. As a surprise for Rebecca she was greeted by her own (tiny, and oh so cute) dance students at the church door as they left!

We all headed over Ferrari’s Country House for their wedding reception. Just as we arrived the heavens opened, umbrellas were frantically unfurled and we had to dodge the showers to get into the house. Luckily the rain didn’t last long and we were able to spend some time in the stunning gardens.

The speeches were…amazing! Rebecca’s dad is hilarious, and has the honour of doing one of the longest speeches I’ve ever heard (and one of the funniest)! Paul is a primary school teacher and his speech consisted of a school report on their relationship and a mask of his own face!

Huge congratulations to you both and here are some of my favourites from your day…