Pre-wedding questionnaire

Hi folks, this won’t take long I promise. If you could fill in as much information here as possible for me then it will give me everything I need so that I don’t have to pester you or the Bridal party on the day. If I could get this back with a few days to spare that would be amazing so that if I need to make any arrangements for you then I’ve got the time to do it.

Lastly, a few quick things to remember for the morning of the wedding…

  • I’m sure they’ll do this anyway, but when the Make-Up Artist arrives, make sure she sets up with lots of room nearest the biggest and nicest window in the room you’re getting ready in. I hate having to make them move when I arrive if they’ve set up in a corner somewhere under an unflattering spotlight!
  • Get your amazing dress out of its bag. Hang it up somewhere proudly in the room. From a wardrobe, in a window bay, wherever you like, I can always move it but make sure you show it off!
  • Clear the room of any clutter, especially if you’re getting ready at home rather than a hotel room. Anything that you wouldn’t want to be seen in the photographs, plastic bags, giant teddy bears, clothes over the bed – I can’t photoshop these things out afterwards sorry!
  • Finally, in order to get the best pictures possible during Bridal preparations in the morning the bigger, lighter the room (and the less clutter) the better.
  • What time are the main things happening at the reception? Please put approx times below: