Like to laugh?

Then I think we're going to get on.

A few other reasons why we might be a good fit

The photographs on this website are making you laugh/cry/excited about your day

Bold, bright and full of life. That's my style and if that's what you're after then great! I treat every wedding individually. I tell the story of YOUR day and no one elses. That way you get the photos that no one else has. 

You're super laid back and know that some traditions are made to be broken

Don't fancy cutting the cake? Don't! Want to turn your first dance into a mass sing/danceathon. Go for it! Whatever you do on your wedding day to fit in with your personality I'll be there to shoot the heck out of it. Want to keep some of the traditions? That's great too! Whatever you need to make your day work for you then I'm down with that. 

I'm a real person, not a crazily huge studio

Basically, I care. It's me that you're going to be dealing with so it's me you get to know. And I think that's super important to make sure that you trust me on your wedding day. I want you to not worry about where I am and what I'm photographing. Just know that you're going to love the photographs you get after your day. 

You're after a photographer who will get stuck into your wedding, not hide on the sidelines

I promise you, I’m not going to skulk around the sidelines ‘unobtrusively’ looking like a weirdo with the world’s biggest camera lens. I’m going to be in there, amongst the action. To be a part of everything that is going on. There’s no better way to experience and photograph all the energy and moments that make your day unique.

You want your images to be completely individual to you

I'm a sucker for Pinterest. I love seeing other people's ideas but I also know that trying to recreate anyone else's day is not going to work for you. You are not that couple, you're bringing your own personality to the day. 

Your wedding day is a party to celebrate you guys and your love. 

This sums up everything I believe a wedding is. It's about you two. Your love and the celebrations that surround that. Whether those celebrations take place in a church, a field, a local pub or a beach all that matters is that you're surrounded by the people you love the most and I'm going to take photos of that. 

Forget “the cheese”…

Forget the formal line ups, the awkward poses, the forced smiles. I’m there to document your day, to take photos as your mates give you a gigantic group hug after you’ve just got married, to clock Dad’s beaming smile, to capture you both going crazy on the dancefloor once all the formalities are over and you can really let loose. I want real moments, not staged ones. I want to tell the story of YOUR day, not a carbon copy of someone elses. 

Keeping it real…

Get rid of that ‘helpful’ list of must have shots that you read in a magazine. Chuck it away right now! Your wedding is not a tick box exercise and this is not wedding photography ‘by numbers’.

I’m not going to ask you to fake laughter or pretend to wipe a tear away. I want to take pictures of you guys and your favourite people as you laugh, cry and dance your day away. 

Time out

Documentary photography is where my heart lies. I am a big believer that it's the best way to really capture your day and the personalities of everyone there. BUT you guys get to have the best of both worlds as I always make sure that there's a point where you two can spend some time together and I can get some informal, relaxed yet ruddy beautiful portraits of you both. I'm not looking for fixed smiles as you gaze at the camera - I'm talking laughter, hugs, the odd kiss. Lots of jokes. 

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