Creative London wedding photography

How gorgeous and smiley are these two?!! I’ve known Laura for a couple of years now – she was my cheery voice of sanity on the other end of an email in Tanzania and India when I was sending her back images that she could use for the charity I was shooting for. When she got in touch last year to say that she and Claire were getting married and would I be there then I jumped at the chance – plus the wedding ticked so many of my ‘favourites’ boxes…lovely people, travel themed, chilled out, relaxed and one big party. YES!

So, I started the day with both families (they were getting ready in the same building, just different apartments) before Claire, Laura and their dads headed (in separate taxis) to a small local park where they had a ‘first look’. For those not familiar with a first look it’s where the couple take some time out to see each other before the wedding ceremony, a chance to say everything they want to to each other, a chance to reflect on the day so far and calm each others nerves before the big moment. This is the first one I’ve ever photographed and I honestly loved it. It was such a precious moment for them both and I know how much they loved that time they were able to spend together.

But enough waffle from me, here is their day at London Rowing Club…