For photographers

Are you just starting out and looking for some tips and advice on what to do next? Or is your business established but you feel like you’re bogged down with album design/content and just don’t have time? Then I can help! I offer a number of services for other photographers – from album design through to 1:1 mentoring. Have a read to find out more…

Album design

It turns out I’m a bit of an anomoly in the wedding photography world – I actually really enjoy designing albums! Yep…you read that right!

I know so many of you find it time consuming, unproductive and just a big old pain so I realised I could take that stress off your hands for you!

I’ve got a range of options, from taking over the full process including liaising with your couples on albums to simply designing the album and you being the ‘middle man’. Whatever suits. I promise you though I keep things super simple and as speedy as possible for  you. Fill out the form below and I’ll send you a load more information.

Content writing

Back in the old days before photography took over my life I used to spend all my time writing for a living. From gig reviews to writing reams of pages about vans (yes, really…) to magazine articles and press releases I’m a dab hand at this content lark.

Want a hand sprucing up what you’ve already got? Or are you looking for a complete overhaul of the content you’re putting out. You know the drill – just give me a shout and we’ll sort it!

1:1 mentoring….

Holy moley, that sounds so officious doesn’t it! It’s basically time for us to sit down together and for you to get a fresh pair of eyes helping you out with your business. I’ve learnt a heck of a lot over the years and I’m more than happy to help you build your business to be the very best it can be! From marketing to your website and everything in between, I’m here to help you.

I tailor the sessions to you so you get advice that you can actually put into use rather than a ‘one size fits all’ template. There’s a choice of half day or full day mentoring sessions. Both will probably involve cake. 


Eeeee, I’m just about to let the cat out of the bag…basically keep an eye on this space. I’m cooking up something VERY exciting with a few other fab photographers and you’re not going to want to miss it!

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