GeorginaHarrisonPhotography-Hannah-1…and I take pictures of people! Originally from Blackpool I now live in Chorlton, South Manchester with the lovely Trev (we’re getting married too!) and our rather eccentric cat, Phoebe.

I used to spend hours and hours in dark sweaty clubs and music venues all over the North West photographing bands. Photographing weddings is a doddle after that – I don’t need to dodge people throwing pint pots with dubious contents for a start…Seriously though, my past musical photography life has given me a perfect grounding for thinking on my feet, shooting fast and working in all sorts of crazy conditions. Pretty perfect for moving into wedding photography!

I didn’t realise there was such a thing as documentary wedding photography until I got asked to shoot a friend’s wedding a few years ago. Their gamble (and mine) paid off and they loved their ‘in the moment, storytelling’ photos so much they started to recommend me to people. Thanks guys! From there the rest is history…

Back in 2013/14 I spent a year wandering the world, camera in hand documenting charity and development work. I also climbed a glacier (soooooo cold), dived with great white sharks (soooooo awesomely terrifying) and spent a lot of time camping, kayaking and having the most fun ever. I popped home in-between all that to shoot a load of weddings (keeping my hand in) and loved the story telling element my travels had bought to my work. Now Trev and I still love to travel but we tend to take shorter trips …we’re homebirds at heart! 

We could end up spending a lot of time together on your wedding day so I’ll leave you with a few of my favourite things…

A few of my favourite things…

The Beatles | Rufus Wainwright | The White Stripes | Music in general… | roadtrips | laughing | bad jokes | spending the day in a country pub | Netflix | The Archers | a good old gin and tonic | a decent brew | cats AND dogs (is that even allowed?!) | singing loudly in the car | finding a book you can’t put down | the sea | exploring new places | Marmite

You can find out more about me and my work over on my blog .

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A huge thanks to my lovely friend Georgina Harrison for my photo!

Shoutouts and claims to fame…

It’s a cliche but I’m really proud to describe myself as an ‘award winning photographer’. And by that I don’t mean I took part in a ‘get as many people to vote for me as possible’ social media frenzy. I’ve got some proper nice, ‘she’s not bad at this photography’ lark awards. In the last year I was named one of the World’s Best Wedding Photographers by the prestigious Junebug Weddings, 20Collective called me their ‘2016 Emerging Talent’ and I was one of only 200 photographers worldwide who was shortlisted for Rangefinder’s Rising Stars of Wedding Photography list. Basically, awards like that mean I’m pretty darn serious about what I do, I work hard at it and I’m going to continue to provide the very best service and photography possible for you guys.

None of this matters though unless the important people – the couples I’ve spent the day with – are happy to and you can see what they’ve got to say in my lovely brochure.