Wow, how have we reached February already?! I meant to post this back in January but it turns out going back through 42 weddings (each with at least 500 images) takes a while. Combine that with building a new website and planning my own wedding well…hope you can forgive me for being a bit late with this!

I love the process of looking back through a year of weddings and family shoots. It really brings home to me what it is I love about photography – LIFE! Or more specifically, people. I’ve probably photographed around 4000 odd people this year taking into account couples, families and wedding guests. That blows my mind. From laughter to tears to moments of quiet to doing everything to stay out of the way of the camera those people have brought it all and I’ve worked so so hard to capture that. All of the photos below have stood out to me throughout the year for any number of reasons but has cemented that for me the attraction of a wedding isn’t about that ‘perfect’ day. It’s the imperfections, the moments in between the ‘official’ parts of the day and the people that are part of that.

For me personally 2016 was pretty darn exciting. The biggies were that we moved house and got engaged (hence the frantic wedding planning) which were both equal parts absolutely amazing and kind of scarily grown up. The things I know I’ll continue to look back on most fondly though are, again, those inbetween moments. The time spent with friends and family. Little snapshots of the life we are building together. That’s what makes it for me.

So, enough waffle. Here’s to an amazing 2017. Let’s look back on a pretty darn ace 2016.